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Kelly OConnell
Retired R.N.-psych., ICU, ortho-plastics; strong soul, shooting survivor; Edu-St. John’s Academy-Houston, Memorial High, Univ. of St. Thomas, BSN , Never Trump
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From @BandyXLee1
Very important!
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@BandyXLee1 Shared psychosis. Germany 1933-45. Never again. @AlanDersh filed a complaint against you @BandyXLee1 f…
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From @KellyOC86476095
@RWPUSA @BandyXLee1 @AlanDersh It IS happening again. Alan Dershowitz is trying to ‘blacklist’ Dr. Bandy Lee. We…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
No, he isn't. He says "too many Americans are refusing to engage in reasoned dialogue with people with whom they disagree" & she'd be Exhibit 1 if she weren't just a non-entity desperate for 15 minutes. MT @KellyOC86476095 Alan Dershowitz is trying to ‘blacklist’ Dr. Bandy Lee