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Quien es mas Groucho
San Francisco, CA
AS46489 - LinkedIn Profile Editor - Operations Events - Developer Sandboxing - Video Ops Survivor
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Julia Allison: “I used to be insufferable. Now, I’m insufferable” cc @jasontanz
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From @bizzyunderscore
@felixsalmon @jasontanz Well, theres a blast from the insufferable past. I feel like @owenthomas needs to be notified
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@bizzyunderscore @felixsalmon @jasontanz Time is a flat circle.
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From @MJB_SF
@felixsalmon @jasontanz Now she’s a knock off Monica Lewinsky.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@owenthomas in 2017 in #Wired, @jasontanz cautioned people not to question authority & to just ignore conspiracy theories. I'm interested in knowing if you agree. Should we ignore RFK Jr.?