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Sociology professor, Spelman College alumna. Author of No More Invisible Man. Firm believer that The Wire is unequivocally the greatest show ever created.
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NEW: Trump’s insults toward black reporters, candidates echo ‘historic playbooks’ used against African Americans
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. @AdiaHWingfield told me that Trump's attacks reprise a longstanding racist strategy aimed at painting black profe…
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@DavidNakamura @AdiaHWingfield The insidious flip side of that racist coin is use of words like “articulate” to des…
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.@leahmcelrath: Trump insults everyone. @DavidNakamura & @AdiaHWingfield would be barely qualified as whites, the only thing they have is an accident of birth. They *help* Trump by showing that his loudest opponents push a Gramscian ideology that the vast majority reject.