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Bill McG
Arizona, USA
Retired after 48 years in industrial electrical sales.
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From @benfgerdes
For folks interested in learning more about @TomSteyer's stance on why we need a wealth tax, check out his 2018 ope…
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From @platoinCT
@benfgerdes @TomSteyer Why doesn’t he come out for an inc tax rate like TRoosevelt sought “The citizens...must eff…
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From @BillMcG16
@benfgerdes @TomSteyer European countries that tried a wealth tax stated it was too hard to make it work and dropped it after few years!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BillMcG16: you tweeting that Steyer's wealth tax plan is flawed will have zero impact on him. What would work is finding someone to come up with a tough question about it and then ask him it on video for Youtube. In fact, I'll pay for such a video.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@platoinCT: @benfgerdes boss (TomSteyer) strongly supports the same anti-American NeoLiberal policies (loose borders, free trade, globalism) that have sent $ constantly flowing upward. Steyer's as pro-Big Biz as - and thus as fake as - Trump.