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An #ElectricVehicle site intended to help explain the simple math of #EV ownership, with random jabs toward big-oil politics. #SayNOtoGAS
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From @BrittBischoff
The democratic nominee will need to be able to go at Trump on what he perceives to be his strengths - the economy.…
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From @sayno2gas
@BrittBischoff @TomSteyer We need to point toward a different metric. People have been fooled into thinking GDP equ…
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.@sayno2gas: Trump's always been *incredibly* vulnerable to his base on his key issues for them: immigration, managerial competence, etc. See my posts going back to 2015. @BrittBischoff & Steyer want to go after him where he's strong (econ) & ignore where he's weakest. Smart?