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@ESPNPR guy overseeing Pro Sports, incl NFL and #MNF. @UVA alum. IG:
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Some news: ABC will broadcast the 2019 @MLS Cup - the network's first since 2008. @JonChampionJC @TaylorTwellman an…
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#Disney and/or #ESPN are pathetic. It's difficult to explain their obsession w/ only showing some sports in some seasons as anything other than a mental condition. MT @bhofheimer_espn ABC will broadcast the 2019 MLS Cup - the network's first since 2008... on Sunday, Nov 10.
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.@bhofheimer_espn: hey Bill, remember Lucky Strikes in movies? #NFL on TV is going to be like that sooner or later. In addition to Serie A, #ESPN should show offbrand soccer. U.S. timezone-friendly, or even tape-delayed. Local feed, announced from CT or no-announcer.