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Dino Grandoni
DC (though ❤️ in NYC+Buffalo)
Energy and environmental reporter @washingtonpost. Author of the Energy 202 newsletter: ♡'s ≠ endorsements.
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We asked every 2020 Democrat about climate change. Here are the most interesting answers. @dino_grandoni in The Ene…
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@john_drescher @dino_grandoni John ... you’ll never guess who wants to be my Facebook Friend .... Rob ReilleWho !!! Ain’t that a hoot !!
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.@BobLeeSays: FYI @john_drescher hypes a deceptive WaPo blog hyping the anti-American DREAM Act. The bill would greatly help Big Biz while greatly harming U.S. workers, U.S. students, *and* foreign countries. Even if John could figure that out he's not honest enough to admit it.