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@Nina Covfefe-TRUMP
1st Gen Russ-American Orthodox ☦️ A devoted family member of TRUMP's Cult! Not a Feminist & proud of it! Say it like it is or don't say it @ all
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From @NinaLachmatova
@EdRollins Saw your ad on TV 2 call 1-800-291-9332 if we support President Trump's Immigration Policy. I cannot cal…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Well, Ed, do you support the Trump/Pelosi/Soros amnesty? Do you realize supporting amnesty is a huge CLM? #MAGA #NoAmnesty MT @NinaLachmatova @EdRollins Saw your TV ad [asking] if we support Trump's Immigration Policy. I cannot call [I oppose DACA amnesty, do you, Ed?]