Tweets to Josh Barnett for Congress (AZ-07)

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Josh Barnett for Congress (AZ-07)
Phoenix, AZ
Republican candidate for Congressional District 7 in Arizona, business owner, family centered, and a concerned citizen ready to fight for you. Pro Trump
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From @BarnettforAZ
Wow Twitter Permanently Suspends Account of Republican Running to Challenge Rep. Ilhan Omar | KTLA
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From @Flyfishinmary
@BarnettforAZ @Tomas3percenter Wow. This is ridiculous
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From @SmokyMtnGal12
@BarnettforAZ @D_Rial_7M1 Election interference
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Flyfishinmary: Danielle Stella also tweeted a stick drawing of Ilhan being hanged, something that might be construed as incitement to violence. Either @BarnettforAZ knows that & didn't mention it, or didn't do research. P.S. See my pinned tweet for what Twitter really does.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@SmokyMtnGal12: Danielle Stella is a borderline case; one of her tweets could be read as an incitement to violence. Another thing you won't hear from @BarnettforAZ is how widespread Twitter censorship is; see my pinned tweet. Cons who play the sole victim *help* Twitter.