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@CNN Legal Analyst, former federal and state prosecutor, @RutgersU, @LowensteinLLP
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The obvious next move for Barr: investigate Horowitz and Durham. (Note to Barr: I’m kidding. Don’t do this. This…
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From @CopticDisco
@eliehonig Meet Bill Barrk. #TrumpRussia
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From @pupper_mum
@eliehonig @Bemerso4 Looking at the Q comments sections, they are already saying that Horowitz and Durham were DEEE…
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.@CopticDisco: the chances of Trump being ejected are exceedingly small. If impeachment "wins", Trump will use it to win: the Deep State vs regular people. If it loses, that's an even bigger win for Trump. IOW, 99 cases out of 100, @eliehonig is only *helping* Trump.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@pupper_mum: to 10s of millions of voters, impeachment *is* the Deep State against someone who promised to help them. Only way Trump loses is if he's ejected; chances of that are exceedingly slim. Either @eliehonig is smart enough to realize that (& he's just a grifter) or not.