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Florida, USA
Democrat, fighting for human rights, a clean environment, healthcare4all #LibertyTree🌳 The Resistance 🇺🇸 Stop Fascism ✨#7of9🖖 (fan acc) No DM’s
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@attackerman @Arriadna @sambrodey @samstein Trump is criminal murderer!!
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Thank you for your input. RT @Radar_Funk Trump is criminal murderer!!
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RT @Arriadna: This is misleading, the majority of democrats like the social-democratic system which is still capitalism and it is what most…
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Those who rail against socialism support the Lite version too. #TheResistance, Maddow, etc. simply don't have the smarts to use that against them. MT @RodneyClaeys MT @Arriadna [Dems who support "socialism" are thinking Sweden, not full on actual, like, you know, socialism]