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five-time emmy losing writer for television, video games, and comic books. stand-up comedian. no funeral. mikedruckerisdead @ gmail dot com
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Twitter: We are conducting extensive research over whether Nazis are good or bad Also Twitter: We are banning you…
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From @ajgaming
@MikeDrucker They're gonna kick off everyone but the Nazis, aren't they?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ajgaming: do a search for this: nazi banned books Explain how that's different from what @MikeDrucker would do if he could. Don't just snark or send a GIF like a child. Instead, do your best to present a valid argument.
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From @MikeDrucker
ELIZABETH WARREN: “...and that is why I’ve created a sustainable plant-based fuel that will allow is to colonize Ma…
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From @SirGametime
@MikeDrucker Excuse me but Beto has a NAME!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@SirGametime: @MikeDrucker probably made a lot of cute jokes about Trump, shortly before he became president. Our job as citizens is to hold pols - all pols - accountable. Personality cults - whether for Trump, Warren, Beto, Weld, or Yang - are un-American.