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LibraBalancesTheScales so, I pick on everybody, but especially hypocrites .... Paul Ryan, the motherfucking Koch Brothers @Koch_Industries, @Pete_Lund, etc,
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On this day, re-read this incredible piece by @vermontgmg on George W. Bush in the hours after 9/11:
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@richarddeitsch @vermontgmg most memorable thing I read all year
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@richarddeitsch @vermontgmg And later Bush said WE ARE NOT AT WAR WITH ISLAM. Islam is a religion of peace. The peo…
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.@danmartin26: hey Dan, are there unanswered questions about 9/11 that @richarddeitsch would never acknowledge? Wouldn't he smear anyone who questioned the official narrative in order to silence debate? Isn't he no better than intelligence operatives in authoritarian countries?
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.@MeganRheaHughes: starting in 2015, I pointed out how Trump's bans are unimplementable and would make USA less safe. #TheResistance / MSM leaders took a different route: helping Trump by pushing policies that'd allow jihadis to come here. @richarddeitsch is part of the problem.