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Retired US Treasury Officer - USAF Veteran-tweets represent my opinion. retweets do not imply agreement. No 🚫 DM’s
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From @jmartNYT
.@BernieSanders and @ewarren: The fight, the history, the stakes And the fears: “We can’t relive 2016,” says…
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From @CharlesDignam
@jmartNYT @maggieNYT @BernieSanders @ewarren @rweingarten @melbournecoal This is a soap 🧼 opera, which had set cable new’s hair on fire.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@CharlesDignam: all the candidates are extremely pro-Big Biz (their bluster aside). If @jmartNYT were a real journalist he'd call them on it. Instead, he just blogs worthless soap opera in order to distract people from what really matters.
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From @ChadBown
Record amount of US soybeans in storage (stocks) trying to wait out the trade war and a re-opening of foreign marke…
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From @CharlesDignam
@ChadBown @crampell Everything Trump touches is ruined.
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From @californiacpa21
@ChadBown They voted for trump. Let them sink
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Isn't that as sociopathic, unpatriotic, incorrect, & counter-productive as when "conservative" "patriots" turn their backs on California? MT @californiacpa21 [soybean "farmers" supposedly being hurt by Trump's trade policy] voted for trump. Let them sink
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@CharlesDignam: Trump's horrific, but @ChadBown & similar should be on the other side from liberals. Everything those like Chad do redounds to Big Biz' benefit (his crocodile tears about soybean "farmers" aside).