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BIG show tonight. We're live at 6pm ET on @cnn with all the latest news. Guests: @RepDanKildee, @Bakari_Sellers,…
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@secupp @CNN @RepDanKildee @Bakari_Sellers @renato_mariotti @DavidChalian @alicetweet @JohnKDelaney @joelockhart…
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.@AngryRichRadio: point out to @SECupp fan(s) that she let @joelockhart outrageously lie about Trump. Joe says he wants to shut down immigration & trade, when Trump & Joe are both NeoLiberals keen on helping Big Biz.
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.@AngryRichRadio: if you want to undercut @Deanofcomedy look up his *fan* & point out to his fan he can't answer
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RT @AngryRichRadio: @MarkSteynOnline on @SteveMTalk BHO Immigration Action a "Middle Finger" get his book too http…
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.@SteveMTalk: 1 mo ago I asked you to make happen, didn't hear back. Give me your honest feedback.