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Liz Plank
New York City
Sadly no longer blocked by @realdonaldtrump | I wrote For The Love of Men: A Vision for Mindful Masculinity and you can buy it everywhere 💛
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From @feministabulous
Romney and his family will most likely receive death threats for puttting the country over Trump, which tells you e…
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From @BobLynchpin
@feministabulous Yeah but some of the death threats will be coming from *inside* the family
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Trump won/keeps winning *because of* those like Liz. Trump's extremely vulnerable to his base, but those like her have only ever helped him with them. Enabling those like her is good for Trump. MT @BobLynchpin MT @feministabulous [blogs re Pelosi childish stunt tearing up SOTU]