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Jeremy Rosenberg
San Francisco via Queens, NY
Abogado de inmigración 🗽, housing dork 🏙, political organizer 🗳, Queens kid 🌎, gay 🌈, @cunylaw alum ⚖️...views = plentiful + my own + NOT legal advice 🤗
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From @JayCaruso
How on earth did this guy become ABC’s top political analyst?
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From @CGI_pear
@JayCaruso He’s 100% right though
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From @Makomacaco
@JayCaruso I also hate him but he is right. Where is the Tea Party today? The deficit is growing and growing and th…
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From @JayCaruso
@Makomacaco I don't disagree that maintaining power became more important spending once they had it, but he's not r…
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From @JeremyR1992
@JayCaruso @Makomacaco It wasn’t just racism, it was the embrace of fringe lunacy on all issues. Remember Christine…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JeremyR1992: as a lawyer, you should realize playing the race card on 10s of millions you have no knowledge of is racist. Teaparty's embrace of free market capitalism should have been intellectually challenged & shown wrong, but people like you only enable the Garofalo types.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@CGI_pear: you say @matthewjdowd is right to play the race card on Teaparty. What year was TP founded?