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Michele Frost
Belton, TX
Wife. Mom. Freedom Enthusiast. #Army #4ID #Signal (#OIF I & OIF 05-07). #2A, #prolife #GigEm #Fannibal
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@lachlan "A Noble Way to Lose Money" is California's official motto (and I say that as a born and raised Californian)
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@michelelfrost @lachlan Brown's on a tear lately. Assisted suicide, Workmates' right to know your salary. Trans rights. Divesting coal. #smh
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.@LNSmithee @michelelfrost @lachlan: excellent job by Jerry Brown helping HMOs & hospitals kill people to save money. #progressive #TLOT
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Why @MarcoRubio isn't credible on #immigration: @heymikey80 @cmoorerltr @michelelfrost @smitty_one_each @itsEric
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@24AheadDotCom @marcorubio not cred because liberals oppose him? Not sure it's a credible argument.