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Proud 🇺🇸 Mom #TrumpSupporter #DrainTheSwamp #Law&Order #Yoga #mindfulness #Buddhism #Judaism #Hockey #Penguins #Hot yes #NotABot Thank you for following🌼
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From @JoanBen46634671
RT @AMErikaNGIRLBOT: Bannon trying to take on the Leftist Mafia,The Establishment and the Corrupt Biased Filth Media You may not like him,…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Steve Bannon is good at appealing to the #MAGA types, other than that he tends to give incredibly bad advice: MT @JoanBen46634671 MT @AMErikaNGIRLBOT: Bannon trying to take on [libruls, etc]
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From @onesoldiersmom
RT @AMErikaNGIRLBOT: Must Watch!⬇️Deplorable Choir has a song for Mark Zuckerberg! #WednesdayWisdom #Zuckerberg #PoliticalBias #censorsh…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@onesoldiersmom @AMErikaNGIRLBOT: one of the major reasons why #Twitter & #Facebook think they can get away with censorship is because cons falsely try to pretend they're the only ones affected. They shrink the tent, reducing the opposition to censorship. Please don't do that.
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From @JrcheneyJohn
RT @AMErikaNGIRLBOT: He’s perfect for #CNNFakenews Blends in !
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JrcheneyJohn @AMErikaNGIRLBOT: FYI, @esaagar hyped a Harris poll that Trump then tweeted in support of amnesty. I just pointed out three ways the poll is deceptive (there are more ways). Saagar is too pro-amnesty to have called Harris on their deception. #NoDACA
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From @bgood12345
RT @AMErikaNGIRLBOT: Who created The DACA Debacle ?Obama did- Not Trump ! May 2011, Obama:”I can’t just bypass Congress and change the immi…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Trump will make it worse by giving amnesty. Dems will use those 1-2 million new voters to push for a bigger amnesty. Urge his proxies to promote repatriations instead & oppose DACA in smart ways. MT @bgood12345 RT @AMErikaNGIRLBOT: [Obama] created The DACA Debacle