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Donald J Trump is my President, Conservative, USAF Vet, (78 - 82) Married 33 yrs and proud father of two Conservative Sons. On GAB 👉
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From @JrcheneyJohn
RT @USAneedsTRUMP: Finally President Trump will end DACA! Tonight, we are thinking about all the victims of illegal immigration! https://t.…
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.@JrcheneyJohn @USAneedsTRUMP: Trump has repeatedly indicated he supports legalizing DREAMers. He could end DACA & then do that. #MAGA?
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.@JrcheneyJohn @USAneedsTRUMP: for those of us very familiar with #immigration, Trump has always been very weak & untrustworthy. #MAGA
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.@JrcheneyJohn: you're not a Putin sockpuppet & you promise Trump will #BuildTheWall. How will he keep next Dem pres from demolishing it?
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RT @JrcheneyJohn #ThingsThatPanicProgressives. Marco Rubio... // That's hilarious: #tgdn #teaparty #gop #sgp #tpp