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Aaron Gwyn
Author of WYNNE’S WAR @HMHBooks and DOG ON THE CROSS @AlgonquinBooks | Words in @Esquire, @mcsweeneys, @NPR | New novel coming in 2020 from @EuropaEditions.
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From @conor64
The inbox is saucy today. Example: "You would have to stand on your boyfriend's shoulders to kiss Tucker Carlson's…
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From @AmericanGwyn
@conor64 What’s a “blivet”?
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From @FormosaRoutine
@conor64 All I can say is that if the "American Way" necessitates importing Somalis and the detritus of the earth t…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@AmericanGwyn: @conor64 highlighting the worst example is a common trick & everyone who's smart should see right through it. That's how Fox/MSNBC/Trump/etc operate. The Atlantic did it when they dropped comments (the real reason: everyone showed them wrong).
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@FormosaRoutine: all such language does is help those like @conor64; make an argument without dehumanizing & punching way down. One smarter way to do things is to point out how very pro-Big Biz Conor is. He's paid by Mrs. Steve Jobs to push her NeoLiberal agenda.