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Kate Bedingfield
Washington, DC
Deputy Campaign Manager and Communications Director for @JoeBiden. Hugh and Margot's mama. Wife to the fabulous @David_K_Kieve.
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From @KBeds
Is the press going to create false equivalencies and carry @realDonaldTrump water, or are they going to hold him ac…
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From @WeVoteJoe
@KBeds @realDonaldTrump Careful Kate - the media is NOT our enemy and we can never repeat what Trump has done to vi…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@WeVoteJoe: @KBeds is doing the USA no favor by "demanding" networks keep Giuliani off the air. Trump's horrific & one reason is because he can't engage his opponents in debate. Obviously, Biden admits he & the MSM are incapable of engaging Giuliani in debate.