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Alex Turnbull
Locked account now - filter bubbles are a distraction.
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From @drvox
"MIT chemical engineers have come up with a material that can react with CO2 from the air to expand & get stronger.…
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From @drvox
"Imagine a synthetic material that could grow like trees, taking the carbon from the carbon dioxide and incorporati…
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From @daveregrets
@drvox Imagining a carbon monster the size of all the coal taken out of the PRB solving climate change but then sto…
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From @alexbhturnbull
@daveregrets @drvox Or just a crumbly self replicating Slenderman that goes through industry lobby groups and haunt…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@alexbhturnbull: hey Alex, @daveregrets blocked me over just one tweet. Are you smart enough to realize how their grand plan - not that different from Trump's grand plans - would fail?