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Alexis Coe
Brooklyn, NY
Historian. NYT Bestselling Author of You Never Forget Your First: GW bio & Alice+Freda Forever (🎥 tk) 🎙No Man’s Land & Pres Are People Too! 📺 @CNN @History
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From @GMPaiella
SOMEONE stole a loaf of banana bread out of the fridge and ate it all in bed while I was working in the other room
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From @AlexisCoe
@GMPaiella Gabby, please respect due process and add “allegedly.”
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.@AlexisCoe: @GMPaiella posts dog pics. She also interviewed AOC & didn't call her on how pro-corporate her immigration stance is. I'd like you to take some time out & really think through the impacts of AOC's stance. Would labor supply increase or decrease? Cui bono?