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Alejandro Moreno
Connecticut, USA
Father, husband, broadcaster. @ESPN Soccer Studio/ TV analyst.
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.@alemorenoespn: #MLS greatly hurts soccer by selling out to Murdoch knowing that he'll hide the playoffs on his specialty channel (just like he's doing with the ALCS). In order to succeed in the U.S., soccer has to get on network. Subtly urge others to make that point to MLS.
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.@AleMorenoESPN: you refer to the "hemorrhaging" of talented individuals from Venezuela. Such things are usually by design to enrich the wealthy in USA & also to take the heat off the wealthy in sending countries. @mbretosESPN
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#ESPN *sent people to the #Cornhole Championship* but won't show foreign, offbrand #soccer matches even tho they'd make more money. Isn't that like Trump *losing money* on a casino? MT @ESPNFC Have a question for @SteveNicol61 and @AleMorenoESPN? Use #FCExtraTime!