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Adam Schefter
New York
Father, Husband, Son, Brother, University of Michigan graduate, masters degree from Medill, NFL Insider for ESPN.
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.@adamschefter: settle a bet. My pal Donnie says there are no convicted murderers in the #NFL Hall Of Fame, I say O.J.'s civil trial makes it at least one *convicted* murderer. What do you say? Does O.J.'s civil conviction count as a murder conviction? #MAGA #resist #TakeAKnee
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.@AdamSchefter: have you seen the big celebrity mansions in downtown Hollywood next to the beach? #LosAngeles #ESPN
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.@AdamSchefter (who has 5.68M followers?) says "#LosAngeles loves its youth". All Los Angeles, all 7 or 12 or 20 million of us?