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NYC: EV, WV, SSSP. Philly: Center City. See website for hours/info. To find our pints go to site then click "where to buy." RT by Duran Duran 3/30/18
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From @Mike2020
️‍ @biggayicecream
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From @TimRunsHisMouth
@Mike2020 @biggayicecream This is the most cringeworthy pandering so far in 2020.
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From @tcgohawks
@TimRunsHisMouth @Mike2020 @biggayicecream Look how he scoops the ice cream!!!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
If Tim were a real journalist, wouldn't he be concentrating on asking Mike *tough* policy questions? Not Watters-style fluff just for Fox, but real, grown-up policy questions? MT @tcgohawks MT @TimRunsHisMouth [criticizes Bloomberg pandering]