Search the Russian "troll" tweets

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Five Thirty Eight has released 3 million tweets from Russian "trolls", and you can search through them by various parameters at that link.

A note about the terminology: "troll" should refer to those who say something just for effect to rile people up. That can be worthless, or it can be a form of satire. The tweets at the link aren't from "trolls", they're from those who should more properly be called "influence operators". That assumes, of course, that Twitter accurately identified actual influence operators. Given the general incompetence of Twitter, that can't be assumed in all cases. While it doesn't apply to many or most of the tweets at the link, "troll" usually means "someone who disagrees with me but who I can't show wrong." It's a term authoritarians of all stripes use to try to silence dissent.

Also, given the languages involved, some or many might be from non-Russians.