Influence tweets

These are the so-called "troll" tweets that were from those Twitter claims were trying to influence recent elections. The raw data is available here.

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Author Content Retweet Published Language Region Post type Followers Followingval Updates
10_GOP "We have a sitting Democrat US Senator on trial for corruption and you've barely heard a peep from the mainstream media." ~ @nedryun 0 English Unknown 9636 1052 253
10_GOP Marshawn Lynch arrives to game in anti-Trump shirt. Judging by his sagging pants the shirt should say Lynch vs. belt 0 English Unknown 9637 1054 254
10_GOP Daughter of fallen Navy Sailor delivers powerful monologue on anthem protests, burns her NFL packers gear. #BoycottNFL 1 English Unknown RETWEET 9637 1054 255
10_GOP JUST IN: President Trump dedicates Presidents Cup golf tournament trophy to the people of Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico. 0 English Unknown 9642 1062 256
10_GOP 19,000 RESPECTING our National Anthem! #StandForOurAnthem🇺🇸 1 English Unknown RETWEET 9645 1050 246
10_GOP Dan Bongino: "Nobody trolls liberals better than Donald Trump." Exactly! 0 English Unknown 9644 1050 247
10_GOP 🐝🐝🐝 1 English Unknown RETWEET 9644 1050 248
10_GOP '@SenatorMenendez @CarmenYulinCruz Doesn't matter that CNN doesn't report on your crimes. This won't change the fact that you're going down.' 0 English Unknown 9644 1050 249
10_GOP As much as I hate promoting CNN article, here they are admitting EVERYTHING Trump said about PR relief two days ago. 0 English Unknown 9646 1050 250
10_GOP After the 'genocide' remark from San Juan Mayor the narrative has changed though. @CNN fixes it's reporting constantly. 0 English Unknown 9646 1050 251
10_GOP After the 'genocide' remark from San Juan Mayor the narrative has changed though. @CNN fixes its reporting constantly. 0 English Unknown 9646 1050 251
10_GOP '@thehill Why won't she apologize to us for lying?' 0 English Unknown 9645 1050 252
10_GOP Sarah Sanders destroys NBC reporter: "Trump made a joke, maybe you guys should get a sense of humor." 0 English Unknown 10319 1066 301
10_GOP Hi @MichelleObama, remember when you said Weinstein is a "wonderful human being, a good friend and just a powerhouse." Do you disavow? 0 English Unknown 10320 1066 302
10_GOP Hi @MichelleObama, remember when you praised Harvey Weinstein as 'a wonderful human being, a good friend and a powerhouse." Do you disavow? 0 English Unknown 10320 1066 302
10_GOP Wow! Even CNN is slamming the Obamas for silence on Weinstein: "Where is Michelle Obama? Where is President Obama?" 0 English Unknown 10322 1066 303
10_GOP First lady Melania Trump visits infant opioid treatment center in Huntington, West Virginia. We love your grace and style @FLOTUS! ❤️❤️ 0 English Unknown 10328 1068 304
10_GOP BREAKING: The audio of sexual predator Harvey Weinstein admitting to assaulting model Ambra Gutierrez has leaked. I am truly disgusted. 1 English Unknown RETWEET 10330 1069 305
10_GOP '@Breaking911 Build that wall!! 👍' 0 English Unknown 10361 1070 307
10_GOP "It took Hillary abt 5 minutes to blame NRA for madman's rampage, but 5 days to sorta-kinda blame Harvey Weinstein 4 his sexually assaults." 0 English Unknown 10358 1070 308
10_GOP Because he hates women so much, President Trump just nominated another woman, Kirstjen Nielsen, to be in his Cabinet. 1 English Unknown RETWEET 10358 1070 309
10_GOP Congrats to Kirstjen Nielsen, our next Secretary of Homeland Security! Well deserved. 0 English Unknown 10358 1070 310
10_GOP Pres. Trump: "We want lower taxes, bigger paychecks, and more jobs for American truckers and for American workers." 0 English Unknown 10357 1070 311
10_GOP I am an Eagle Scout Only boys should be in Boy Scouts Only girls should be in Girl Scouts Don't change things that work 1 English Unknown RETWEET 10362 1070 312
10_GOP This Eminem freestyle proves that celebs still haven't learned that nobody cares what they have to say. Sad! #HipHopAwards 0 English Unknown 10337 1069 306
10_GOP Do you agree with the Boy Scouts for allowing girls to join? 1 English Unknown RETWEET 10362 1070 313
10_GOP Pres. Trump just dropped a NUKE-truth-bomb: "The NFL should have suspended Kaepernick for one game and he would have never done it again" 0 English Unknown 10361 1070 314
10_GOP Chief of Staff John Kelly destroys liberal reporters: "It is astounding to me how much is misreported." 0 English Unknown 10395 1070 318
10_GOP Network news has become so partisan, distorted and fake that licenses must be challenged and, if appropriate, revoked. Not fair to public! 1 English Unknown RETWEET 10363 1071 315
10_GOP So we’ve gone from “Russia literally hacked the election for Trump” to “Russians helped Trump get elected by hacking Pokemon GO." Amazing! 0 English Unknown 10397 1070 319
10_GOP To be clear, when we say "Pokémon Go was used" we mean "there is no evidence Pokemon Go was used" 1 English Unknown RETWEET 10397 1070 320
10_GOP '@realDonaldTrump We love you Mr. President!' 0 English Unknown 10400 1070 321
10_GOP '@realDonaldTrump Thank you for being the @POTUS we elected!' 0 English Unknown 10400 1070 322
10_GOP So wait, did the Russians also purchase Hillary Clinton? "Pokemon Go to the polls"! 1 English Unknown RETWEET 10399 1070 323
10_GOP Students describe what it’s like being a conservative on a college campus. The described behavior is inexplicable and inexcusable. 1 English Unknown RETWEET 10401 1070 324
10_GOP Eminem is a Trump supporter?! 😮 1 English Unknown RETWEET 10401 1070 325
10_GOP BOOM! Judge Napolitano calls out Hillary for bogus claim she can’t return Weinstein donation. 0 English Unknown 10403 1070 326
10_GOP Burgess Owens on the NFL protest: "One thing about leftists, they are all about principle until the dollars start leaving their pocketbooks" 0 English Unknown 10405 1070 327
10_GOP Let's show Sean Hannity some love! Take a minute to call his hotline (877) 225-8587. Let him know how much we support him! 0 English Unknown 10363 1071 316
10_GOP A cute 10 yo girl had a Trump dress on. Hannity asked her why she liked him. She said because he's doing great things for the country! ❤️❤️ 0 English Unknown 10366 1072 317
10_GOP Is this real? 1 English Unknown RETWEET 10414 1071 328
10_GOP Happy Birthday to the U.S. Navy and thank you to all the brave women and men who protect and serve! 0 English Unknown 10441 1070 332
10_GOP oh 1 English Unknown RETWEET 10441 1070 333
10_GOP President Trump: #Iran was Economically BANKRUPT until Obama gifted them 1.7 BILLION in CASH & infused 150 BILLION into their economy ...... 1 English Unknown RETWEET 10441 1070 334
10_GOP “It was straight up prostitution and that’s the way Hollywood is run these days” ~ @Joy_Villa 0 English Unknown 10442 1071 335
10_GOP All of the good guys I know wanted us out of Iran deal and all of the globalists wanted us in it. Look at whose mad today - deep state. 1 English Unknown RETWEET 10442 1071 336
10_GOP NFL having to write out how players conduct themselves during the anthem is HILARIOUS. I learned how to honor the flag in GRADE SCHOOL #MAGA 1 English Unknown RETWEET 10443 1071 337
10_GOP Dear CNN: When will you be interviewing one of the mayors in Puerto Rico's other 77 municipios? 1 English Unknown RETWEET 10445 1071 338
10_GOP Liberals would rather side with Iran, North Korea, and Cuba then our President, our country, and our allies Israel, Japan, S. Korea. Sad! 0 English Unknown 10445 1071 339
10_GOP .@Joy_Villa: The Hollywood swamp is starting to crumble. If Weinstein is getting pulled to the surface, all these other smaller players will 1 English Unknown RETWEET 10417 1071 329