Truth Revolt: yet another incompetent rightwing media watchdog (David Horowitz, Ben Shapiro)

Truth Revolt (truthrevolt . org, "TR") is a new site from David Horowitz that aims to be the Media Matters for America of the right. A glance at their site shows that they aren't even close to rising to MMFA's low level. Given that Ben Shapiro is leading their efforts they probably never will.

The MMFA link above currently has 62 posts, many of which are designed to show MMFA wrong to their audience. And, since 2003 or so I've left dozens of comments at MMFA with the same goal.

TR isn't like that.

TR's target audience is those who are already convinced: it's yet another conservatives-only echo chamber designed to rile people up. The only course of action they currently suggest is a boycott of Ritz crackers, due to that company advertising on Al Sharpton's MSNBC show.

Boycotts tend to be a leftwing thing and something only they can do well. Those in TR's target audience tend to get distracted easily: they might remember not to buy Ritz crackers one week, but they'll have moved on to some other minor obsession the next.

What would work is a broadly-applicable argument against those on the far-left. For just one example, actually show Al Sharpton or Rachel Maddow wrong about some of the things they say, in a way that will be persuasive to some in their target audience. If you're reading this you probably already knew both of them are wrong about many of the things they say, but the tough thing is to convince others. Given what's on TR's site now and those involved, TR will probably never be capable of that.