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Co-Director @itsdocumented. Write stuff at @theintercept. Email me:
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.@NickSurgey @lhfang: you blog about "tactical pants". That's great, something #TheResistance mouthbreathers (are there any other kind?) can understand. I report on Twitter censoring 30% to 60% of the replies to Scott Pruitt. Which of those is more important?
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From @NaomiOreskes
Koch brothers celebrate wins under Trump administration in leaked document by @lhfang @nicksurgey
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As a #Harvard prof, I have a smarts test for you. Which is more likely to undercut Koch bros to those duped by them: 1. Them opposing the BLM Stream Protection Rule, or 2. Their support for loose borders? MT @NaomiOreskes Koch brothers celebrate wins under Trump admin