Donald Trump's plan to keep Muslims out of U.S. is dangerously unrealistic

Donald Trump recently proposed keeping all Muslims out of the U.S., at least temporarily [1]:

(New York, NY) December 7th, 2015, -- Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on...

There are various problems with that plan but I'll only discuss the aspects relating to how realistic his plan is and what that says about him and his supporters.

The fact is that his plan is not realistic at all. The only people who could make it happen right now are never going to make it happen. If Trump is elected president - something that's not very likely at all - he could try to implement his plan but like some of his other plans he wouldn't get far. If Trump isn't elected president, then no one's going to try to implement his plan outside of someone from a deep Teaparty district and it won't go anywhere.

Trump's supporters are relatively small in number and have no real power. They lack the mental and emotional abilities to turn others to their stance.

At the end of the day, Trump's plan will go nowhere either before or after the election. If you're reading this a few months or a few years from now you'll see I was right yet again. Just don't expect the GOP base to admit that: they're incapable of admitting mistakes and trying to do a better job. Instead, they'll make excuse after excuse, engage in distractions, or just call names.

All of that is very dangerous because there are things Trump could do that would keep dangerous Muslims out of the U.S. Instead of doing those things, Trump feels the need to pander to those with mental and emotional problems. That gets his name in the papers yet again and it helps solidify his base, but it's horrible for the U.S.

If Trump were putting the best interests of the U.S. first, he'd propose much stricter vetting of all refugees and immigrants. And, he'd develop an implementation plan designed to make that happen right now. If he can build skyscrapers, he can develop implementation plans. Instead he just panders to the lowest common denominator.

The implementation plan would take into account the fact that the Trump base has little power and has various issues. It would take into account the tremendous resistance the plan would receive but would develop methods to undercut that resistance. The plan would be designed to appeal to as many Americans as possible outside of the far-left.

Yet, all Trump wants to do is pander and - when all is said and done - do nothing.

[1] donaldjtrump . com/press-releases/donald-j.-trump-statement-on-preventing-muslim-immigration