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RysterRyan (Ryan)
Texas, USA
Ryan Dye - YouTuber 🎥 4.9K, Universe Mode Content Creator, WWE Fan, Figure Collector, Sports Fan (cowboys, mavs, rangers & stars)
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From @dallascowboys
Staying of the NFC East. @WinStarWorld | #PHIvsDAL | #DallasCowboys
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From @RysteerRyan
@dallascowboys @WinStarWorld Dak > Wentz
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@RysteerRyan: kneeball is a joke of a sport. It's like if real football was just one set play after another, with 30s to 10m between *each* play. Plus, hostile & occasionally felonious players, concussions, big babies on and off the field, etc. It's a pathetic joke.