Negotiating surrender: White House admits they want DACA amnesty, releases list of demands

Donald Trump has now admitted that he's open to legalizing hundreds of thousands (or more) of DACA recipients, releasing a list of demands. Instead of fighting to stop amnesty, Trump has indicated he's open to negotiating the terms of surrender.

It doesn't matter that Dem leaders have already rejected his demands: he's a deal maker and he'll seek some sort of middle ground he and they could be happy with no matter how it will harm Americans.

His demands include (full document below):

  • "Ensure funding for the southern border wall and associated infrastructure" and related.
  • Being able to deport Unaccompanied Alien Children in most cases.
  • "Significantly tighten standards and eliminate loopholes in our asylum system" and related.
  • Hire an additional 370 immigration judges, 1000 ICE attorneys, 10,000 ICE officers, 300 federal prosecutors, and support personnel.
  • Expand the definition of an Inadmissible Alien and who can be deported.
  • "Increasing penalties for repeat illegal border crossers and those with prior deportations"
  • Help fund efforts by foreign countries to remove illegal aliens from a third country.
  • Expand the grounds for expedited removal.
  • Block some grants to sanctuary cities.
  • A program similar to Secure Communities.
  • Make overstaying a visa a misdemeanor.
  • Expand the ability to detain criminal aliens.
  • Require eVerify.
  • Increase visa security.
  • The RAISE Act.

All are tough and some or many might be welcome. However, not at the cost of amnesty. Giving amnesty will give more power to those leaders who'll work to undercut all of Trump's demands. Not to mention the fact that the Democratic Party won't agree to those demands.

Is there the slight possibility that Trump is inserting a poison pill into negotiations? Possibly, but only because he's seen how much his base doesn't want amnesty. He could care less about the impact of the anti-American DREAM Act and similar amnesties on Americans.

Could Trump achieve some or most of those goals without trading away amnesty? Yes, if he made smart arguments for once. Instead of making smart arguments that undercut Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer to their base, he's colluding with them and willing to negotiate on amnesty.

Full document here (PDF file).