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department of homeland security (283)uscis (45)border patrol (36)
department of justice (30)change dot gov (15)department of labor (15)
census bureau (15)state department (15)federal reserve (15)
congressional budget office (12)fbi (11)department of agriculture (11)
whitehouse dot gov (11)department of commerce (9)federal deposit insurance corporation (8)
department of education (8)fema (6)government accountability office (6)
department of the interior (5)fcc (4)treasury department (4)
faith based and neighborhood partnerships (4)centers for disease control (4)texas department of transportation (3)
americorps (3)voice of america (3)department of transportation (3)
defense department (3)transportation security administration (3)national endowment for the arts (3)
dhs (2)secret service (2)hawaii department of health (2)
government services administration (2)office of public liaison (2)congressional research service (2)
fannie mae freddie mac (2)liheap (2)hud (2)
batf (2)america dot gov (2)health and human services (2)
homeland security committee (1)military office (1)citizenship usa (1)
noaa (1)office of science and technology policy (1)illinois office of new americans (1)
task force on new americans (1)virginia commission on immigration (1)cia (1)
office of health reform (1)usaid (1)austin police department (1)
middle class task force (1)head start (1)idea special education (1)
national science foundation (1)national institutes of health (1)nasa (1)
recovery dot gov (1)national intelligence council (1)new alliance task force (1)
fda (1)surgeon general (1)federal aviation administration (1)
immigration courts (1)serve dot gov (1)national academy of sciences (1)