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Janet Napolitano to head Department of Homeland Security (?) - 11/19/08

According to the Politico (link), Arizona governor Janet Napolitano is going to be selected to head up Obama's Department of Homeland Security. Summary: she will be like Michael Chertoff without the buffoonery, like Julie Myers without the nepotism charge, and like both of them in allowing illegal immigration to continue. She'll probably also be like Chertoff and the other Bush administration hacks who spent taxpayers' time promoting amnesty. However, expect her to also be sold as "tough, but fair", when "generally supportive of illegal activity" is the more apt charge. See, for example, the...

New Americans Immigrant Policy Council (Illinois) - 03/20/07

Created by Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich by an Executive Order on [[November 19, 2005]]. link Their report was issued around [[December 13, 2006]], and it resulted in this [1]: