Tom Brokaw, Wesley Clark, Tom Daschle, Obama sister, Sidwell Friends board member, others on White House Fellowships Commission

The 28 members of the "President’s Commission on White House Fellowships" have been named [1] and include:

* Maya Soetoro-Ng, Barack Obama's sister
* Tom Brokaw
* Wesley Clark
* Tom Daschle (he's back!)
* Deborah Harmon ("Since 2002, Ms. Harmon has served on the Board of Trustees for Sidwell Friends School (SFS) in Washington, DC, and is Chairperson of Sidwell’s Investment Committee." Sidwell is where the Obama daughters attend school).
* Peter Henry (member of the Council on Foreign Relations)
* Maya Lin (designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial)
* Pierre Omidyar (founder of eBay)
* Paul Sarbanes (former senator)
* Laurence Tribe (Harvard University professor)

While this board will have little impact, if governing the U.S. weren't such a serious topic one might be tempted to use a phrase like, "It's all in the family!" or might speculate on what sinecure Barack Obama will give to George Obama or Auntie Zeituni.

UPDATE: More at Another person on the board is Bryan Traubert, husband of Penny Pritzker, Obama's former campaign finance chairwoman.



What's the point of being President if you can't have your way on piddling crap like that.