Sen. Susan Collins: expect more intervention in the economy; no more bailouts, unless...

Sen. Susan Collins was back in Maine earlier today (link)

[She] doesn't consider the stimulus plan to be a perfect one, but she felt it was much more important to find a compromise and get money out to people quickly. She also acknowledged that her vote has not made her popular within her own party, but she said, that doesn't bother her.

"My obligation is to the people of Maine," Sen. Collins said. "And they didn't send me to Washington to sit on the sidelines. They want me to try to solve problems, and they want me to work in a bipartisan way."

Collins said the stimulus plan will not work overnight and that it is just the beginning of government intervention in the economy. But she said she won't vote for another bailout of the financial industry unless the money goes directly into lending.

And, the financial industry can take that to the bank.


"...the financial industry can take that to the bank" just like the Republican party, the people of Maine and the people of the United States could take it to the bank that, as a Republican, she would vote for those principles that would be fiscally responsible and not put the next seven generations into another trillion dollars of debt. I wish all I had to do to heal myself financially was to spend about 8% of my yearly gross without regard to my existing financial obligations...

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