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Sandy Springs, GA
Leftist & activist with ADHD. Atlantan / part-time Rhode Islander. I map elections, analyze politics, and talk about justice. | aro, cis, he/him
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From @elium2
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From @elium2
Beto's policy positions are much more moderate than his rhetoric, but many of the people pointing that out are supp…
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From @elium2
like, just say “the left's war on Beto” if that's what you mean
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From @jilliancyork
@elium2 inaccurate - there are plenty of people on the left who don’t support Sanders 2020
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From @elium2
@jilliancyork Yeah and the article doesn’t present any evidence that those people (I’m one of them) are backing Beto
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@elium2: FYI, the open source app at my top tweet exposes how heavily Twitter censors replies - many from liberals - to Trump officials. @jilliancyork & #EFF refuse to help or even acknowledge my data because they didn't write it themselves. Is that rational?