SEIU funding lies about Arizona immigration law ("Stops in Arizona", "Travel Advisory Hotline")

The Service Employees International Union is running web ads for a "Travel Advisory Hotline" (1-800-958-5068). When you call it you're treated to the SEIU lying, misleading, and playing the race card on the new Arizona immigration law. And, when you click the web ad you're taken to, complete with the (since corrected) text on the attached graphic.

Are they doing this because they're truly concerned about any negative impacts of Arizona's law?

Or, are they doing this because a good part of their members are here illegally and the SEIU relies on the union dues that those illegal aliens pay out of their illegally-earned money? Is the SEIU seeking to prevent dues-payers from being deported? Are they seeking to prevent those who confer power on them from being deported?

I think the answer to that is clear.