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Reporter, photo/videographer, globetrotter, language collector, part-time musician. NatSec on CapHill @WaPo, CNN analyst, fmr foreign correspndnt (Russia/IsPal)
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From @karoun
FYI, Boundary Stone has turned into a Phish bar (per soundtrack this evening)
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From @jeffleroydavis
@karoun I’m listening to the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood sound track, thank God.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jeffleroydavis: FYI when I get smeared online, I turn it on them, pointing out they can't respond to my points. I ask my question again & point out if they don't answer they'll admit my points. @karoun blogs re Trump+Pelosi's teeth. She can't figure out a smarter way.
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From @karoun
in this crazy world, it is nice that you can always count on Elmo and Darth Vader to be the backdrop for serious Br…
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From @onewmphoto
@karoun Just a correction. That’s not Darth Vader, but either Lord Buckethead or Count Binface.…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@onewmphoto: years of "Trump smears/MSM has meltdown/Trump helped" cycles later, @karoun can't figure out a smarter way to do things. She's like rake fail GIF that constantly repeats. (Pelosi's teeth is her latest). Can you, unlike her, figure out a smart alternative?