Sarah Palin goes bogus: "It all comes down to securing the border"

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Sarah Palin has some good qualities, but also bad qualities. And, some of the many latter involves her knowing nothing about immigration, Palin supporting McCain's position on immigration during the campaign, and her just today supporting McCain's worthless posturing on immigration.

On the video at [1], Greta van Susteren of Fox News asks John McCain puffball questions that just allow him to state his position unopposed by any contrary information whatsoever. He promotes guest workers and, needless to say, van Susteren doesn't point out any of the downsides. He then launches into how important border security is and, of course, van Susteren doesn't call him on the fact that what he supports would lead to a mad dash for the borders.

Then, it's Sarah Palin's chance to discuss the topic, and she implicitly agrees with McCain. She also says "It all comes down to securing the border", when that's false. Dealing with illegal immigration and immigration in general goes much, much deeper and involves dealing with massive political corruption.

Instead of calling out McCain on supporting policies that would make the situation worse both for the U.S. and for other countries and instead of calling out other politicians who trade donations or other benefits for supporting illegal activity, she simply harped on the secure the border talking point. As discussed at the link, that's frequently a misleading charade by those who support massive or illegal immigration; that's true of McCain and it's true of Palin as well, even if she doesn't realize it or doesn't care.