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The skewed priorities of Noel Sheppard (Newsbusters, declining labor force) - 02/01/13

In the unlikely event that Matt Drudge linked to a post here, rest assured that I'd take advantage of those tens to hundreds of thousands of visitors to promote pro-American immigration policies. Noel Sheppard of NewsBusters has different priorities.

What "Young Invincibles" dare not tell you (youth joblessness, Campaign for Young America, Rory O’Sullivan, Alistair Johnston) - 07/10/12

It's an indisputable fact that hundreds of thousands or millions of illegal aliens are doing jobs that unemployed young people could be doing. So, it's a bit curious that a new report on youth joblessness by the "Young Invincibles" (part of the left-leaning Campaign for Young Americans, "CYA") doesn't mention that. We're talking about hundreds of thousands or millions of potential jobs, yet there's only one brief mention of immigration in their report.

US cities with highest unemployment have something in common. What is it? - 06/28/12

Per the Associated Press, these were the U.S. cities with the highest unemployment in May, 2012:

Support high immigration? Explain these shocking charts (labor force participation rates by age, gender, ethnicity) - 10/13/11

Here's a challenge for supporters and enablers of massive or illegal immigration: explain these shocking charts. The charts (from the Department of Labor's BLS, [1]) show the labor force participation rate for various ethnicities, genders, and ages, with steady drops for most groups and especially for men, blacks, and youths. Note that the rates for Asians and white women has held mostly steady over the past decade.

Wall Street Journal, Ed Morrissey ignore immigration impact on teen unemployment - 07/01/11

The Wall Street Journal posts [1] and Ed Morrissey of HotAir hypes [2] an editorial blaming the minimum wage for very high teen unemployment (see this).

Over a million immigrants got U.S. jobs 2008-2010 (legal and illegal) - 01/20/11

Reuters reports (link): Over the past two years, as U.S. unemployment remained near double-digit levels and the economy shed jobs in the wake of the financial crisis, over a million foreign-born arrivals to America found work, many illegally. Those are among the findings of a review of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census Bureau data conducted exclusively for Reuters by researchers at the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University in Boston. This is something I've been highlighting for over two years; see the entries on the unemployment and Obama immigration pages. And,...

Pew: native-born lose jobs even as foreign-born gain jobs - 11/01/10

From Pew Hispanic [1]: In the year following the official end of the Great Recession in June 2009, foreign-born workers gained 656,000 jobs while native-born workers lost 1.2 million, according to a new analysis of U.S. Census Bureau and Department of Labor data by the Pew Hispanic Center. As a result, the unemployment rate for immigrant workers fell 0.6 percentage points during this period (from 9.3% to 8.7%) while for native-born workers it rose 0.5 percentage points (from 9.2% to 9.7%). There's more at [1], including how immigrants - especially Latinos - saw their wages fall. Most...

U.S. unemployment rate: 9.6%. Mexican unemployment rate: 5.5%. Who's to blame. - 10/11/10

Via this, the unemployment rate in Mexico was 5.5% (July 2010). As of August 2010, the U.S. unemployment rate was 9.6%.

Sam Stein misleads about Sharron Angle (unemployment insurance "really doesn't benefit anyone") - 09/03/10

Sam Stein of the Huffington Post offers "Sharron Angle Claims Unemployment Insurance 'Really Doesn't Benefit Anyone'" (link), a sleazy attack that shows once again that he's just a Democratic proxy and is willing to try to mislead. In a radio interview on Wednesday, Angle said this: "People don't want to be unemployed... They want to have real, full-time, permanent jobs with a future. That's what they want, and we need to create that climate in Washington, D.C. that encourages businesses to create those full-time, permanent jobs with a future, and all [Rep.] Shelley Berkeley and [Senate...

Colorado disabled one immigration status check for unemployment benefits; 900 illegal aliens flagged anyway - 08/06/10

From this: State politicians are calling for an audit of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment after a published report implied the Department might have intentionally tried to circumvent state law in dealing with illegal immigrants. Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Executive Director Don Mares insisted his office did nothing improper when it decided in January of last year to suspend a particular software program designed to flag illegal immigrants trying to obtain unemployment benefits... At issue is a bill passed by the state legislature in 2006. HB-1023 was designed...

Rand Paul: unemployed should accept lower wage jobs: "tough love" (ignores immigration, 5-1 job seeker ratio) - 06/19/10

Rand Paul recently said (link, [1]) something that on its face appears a bit reasonable: "In Europe, they give about a year of unemployment. We're up to two years now in America... As bad as it sounds, ultimately we do have to sometimes accept a wage that’s less than we had at our previous job in order to get back to work and allow the economy to get started again... Nobody likes that, but it may be one of the tough love things that has to happen." Needless to say, trained idiots like Digby take umbrage at his remarks [2]. However, as a general rule taking a lesser or part-time job - even...

30 Members of Congress form the Reclaim American Jobs Caucus: free up jobs through immigration enforcement - 03/19/10

From Reps. Lamar Smith, Sue Myrick and Gary Miller comes this: ...By simply enforcing immigration laws already on the books, we could create job opportunities for American citizens and immigrants who played by the rules to enter the U.S. Instead, the Obama administration has all but abandoned worksite enforcement efforts. In the past year alone, administrative arrests fell by 68 percent; the number of criminal arrests fell by 60 percent; the number of criminal indictments fell by 58 percent; and the number of criminal convictions fell by 63 percent. This is unacceptable and is an insult to...

List of those not calling for immigration enforcement, fewer work permits to ease unemployment - 12/03/09

One of the best ways to reduce U.S. unemployment would be to enforce our immigration laws and to reduce the number of work permits currently being granted; the latter was greater than the number of jobs "saved or created" by the stimulus plan.

Teen unemployment rate 25.5% in August 2009, highest since 1948. Can we enforce our immigration laws now? - 09/27/09

The unemployment rate among teenagers (ages 16 to 19) reached 25.5% in August 2009 (table here: bls.gov/news.release/empsit.t01.htm). That's the highest rate since 1948, the year the Department of Labor started keeping statistics.

Unemployment highest in 15 years, Bush administration won't step up immigration enforcement - 12/05/08

From this: Coming on the heels of layoff announcements by major corporations, including AT&T, Labor Department reports released today show that employers cut 533,000 jobs in November, increasing the unemployment rate to 6.7 percent... The unemployment rate, meanwhile, hit its highest level in 15 years. The data also suggest that of the 430,000 Americans who had been working or seeking work in October and left the workforce in November, many were people who simply gave up looking for a job. If they'd had kept looking, the unemployment rate would be closer to 7 percent. Meanwhile, radio...