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Robert Vinet
Insatiably curious. Citizen. Tech enthusiast. Traveller. Joe Public. » It's a one way ticket. Enjoy the ride!
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From @CraigSilverman
Scoop: The man behind the Buffalo site targeting Canadians with viral political disinfo once offered to publish neg…
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From @RobertVinet
@CraigSilverman @TravelEater Shameful. With the Globe & Mail's latest revelations about Andrew Scheer and the Cons…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@RobertVinet: check out the real data at my pinned tweet showing that Twitter heavily censors large numbers of *all* kinds of users (not just cons as Trump falsely claims). @CraigSilverman knows about the data. He refuses to bust Twitter for censorship & Trump for lying.