Unemployment highest in 15 years, Bush administration won't step up immigration enforcement

From this:

Coming on the heels of layoff announcements by major corporations, including AT&T, Labor Department reports released today show that employers cut 533,000 jobs in November, increasing the unemployment rate to 6.7 percent... The unemployment rate, meanwhile, hit its highest level in 15 years. The data also suggest that of the 430,000 Americans who had been working or seeking work in October and left the workforce in November, many were people who simply gave up looking for a job. If they'd had kept looking, the unemployment rate would be closer to 7 percent.

Meanwhile, radio reporter and White House correspondent Les Kinsolving yesterday asked Dana Perino this:

"Since so many American citizens have been laid off their jobs, I wanted to ask, how long before the federal government begins an unprecedented drive to apprehend and deport those law-breaking illegal aliens who hold..."

She interrupted him to say "All right, that will do it", after which Kinsolving finished his question: "…so many U.S. jobs and receive many U.S. government benefits?" Then, Perino went on to say:

"Look, you know how I feel about immigration... We've talked about it before. The president has put in strong interior enforcement measures, but we also think that we should have a compassionate side to the United States and to think about putting in place a temporary worker program so that we can help safeguard our economy, but also help those individuals.'


In other words: we don't care about the American worker, because we represent the corporations/slave holders. So if an American worker is out of a job, that's his problem because we have no "compassion" for him.

"and to think about putting in place a temporary worker program so that we can help safeguard our economy, but also help those individuals". temporary? safeguard? help those individuals? I'll get the rope.

So this is the blog of the person who keeps going onto Digg and posting fantasies about Obama not being an American. Well, the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, U.S. Senate, and state of Hawaii, and now the U.S. Supreme Court are all in a big conspiracy to make you look bad. Sorry but I believe Obama is more American then you.

"Real Americans" look out for each other and want to preserve their shrinking culture and language. Your pappy doesnt think that way. Your knappy pappy wants to give the same rights that you enjoy to squatters and job thieves who have no respect what-so-ever for our Laws. Instead they continue to leach off of us and wreak havoc in every town they occupy. Not to mention the millions of criminal acts against American citizens. There is no way a city made up of illegal law breakers is going to benefit the average American period! BTW, If oh'momma is proven to be a non citizen, I bet will you think it was a white conspiracy against your daddy.

listen up people this has been going this way for years now and in the next 5 years unemployment will become a normal thing of life just like the third world, in fact the USA Will become just one more third world hell, "and people Read Alex Jones", Alex has been telling you this for years now and understand one fact you can't stop it with words.