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Immigrants' List are immigration lawyers; Daniel Strauss and Huffington Post don't reveal that (Immigration Heroes List) - 01/17/12

Immigrants List is a pro-massive immigration PAC that recently named their list of top 10 immigration heroes [1], i.e., those who support massive and/or illegal immigration. One man's hero is another man's villain, and in the case of their Heroes all are villains to most Americans who oppose massive and/or illegal immigration.

The right people oppose Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand over immigration - 01/23/09

Whether she's really tough or not, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's immigration position is already angering the right people.

Immigrants list - 01/30/08

Immigrants' List is a Washington DC-based PAC (immigrantslist.org) that raises money to support "pro-immigration candidates", i.e., "pro-illegal immigration candidates". They admit that they were formed in 2006 by "a group of immigration attorneys" (immigrantslist.org/pages/ourmembers), and in fact every member of their board seems to fit that description: Ira Kurzban, Michael Maggio, Denyse Sabagh, Ted Ruthizer, Gordon Quan, Vera Weisz, Royal Berg, and Nancy-Jo Merritt.