The right people oppose Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand over immigration

Whether she's really tough or not, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's immigration position is already angering the right people.

* The New York State Youth Leadership Council sent an email to their mailing list urging their members to oppose her. Their message contained the same text from her site at the first link. At that link I pointed out that her position might not be that strong due to that text; the NYSYLC thinks that's too tough for them ("Gillibrand: Immigration issues?" by John Riley of Newsday, link).

* Chung Wa Hong, of the New York Immigration Coalition finds Gilibrand's positions "deeply troubling" and NYS Assemblyman Peter Rivera says they "border on xenophobia" ("Gillibrand’s immigration backlash" by Rick Karlin of the Times Union, link).

* Sam Udani (publisher of the Immigration Daily newspaper) and Deborah Notkin (former president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association) express their distaste over her positions. Immigration lawyer Ted Ruthizer of Kramer Levin says that she might be flexible in those positions ("Gillibrand Already Taking Heat for Immigration Views" by Nathan Koppel of the Wall Street Journal, link).

* Andrea Batista Schlesinger of the Drum Major Institute offers "Gillibrand Needs to Change Her Stance on Immigration" (link). As one could expect, she's confused and in this case that includes either saying that illegal aliens are the "backbone" of the economy in New York City, or confusing illegal aliens with legal immigrants.


Gillibrand is like most people totally confused just like all people she has no ideals of what to do but our enemies understand this fact and are in fact dismantling this country. Its not confusing to me after all i can see with open eyes most will not see and others will not look and others just are stupid. But it is political over for us all and the USA Will disappear soon but that will not stop the coming third world. Obama has the amnesty bill ready to sign in 3 weeks and no matter what you say or yell the usa is dead.

By 2010 several pro-Open Borders major New York newspapers will be bankrupt. Nobody will dare take the NYT seriously on immigration issues with 20%+ Mexican Plutocrat/Gangster ownership. New York's other wildly pro-Open Borders paper Newsday is losing subscribers at a horrific rate. Newsday's pro Open Borders & multiculturalism is suicidal given how much immigration is an issue on Long Island. Last summer Newsday barely survived being sold off to either the New York Daily News or Murdoch. It was sold instead to Cablevision. Cablevision could really give a squat if Newsday survives because when older folks who still get the paper finally decide to drop it they usually get high speed internet instead. Meanwhile Lou Dobbs is now being carried by NYC's biggest talk radio station. Democrats know that the staunch restrictionist Rep Peter King is the likely Republican nominee and will be a tough opponent. Gov. Paterson took the time to crunch numbers and came to the obvious conclusion that Caroline Kennedy or any other F- open borders enthusiast like the Open Borders lobby favorite Carolyn Maloney would go down in flames in a 2010 reelection bid. Open Borders advocates should have learned something from the fiasco of ex-Gov Eliot Spitzer trying to ram illegal alien drivers licenses down New Yorker's throats. The Open Borders loons demanded Spitzer back their insanity and overnight his political career started coming off the rails. Lou Dobbs was ripping him a new A-hole each night on CNN. Hillary started pretending she did not even know Spitzer. Had the newly elected Spitzer not lost 20-30% points in the polls he might have survived his own zippergate. Gov Paterson does not want to have to share a reelection bid with an Open Borders lefty on the top of the ticket in 2010 during an election when every indication is that the Restrictionists are poised to take over the Republican party.

"Oh for hope", what a joke! ||amajockey no hope obama will do his thing on us all.

The Open Borders lobby needs to face reality. The newspaper business is in major and rapid decline nationally, losing out to the internet and talk radio. In 2000, William McGowan wrote _Coloring the News_. It contained the first real insights on how and why the major media corporations covered immigration the way they did. The Astro-Turfed, left-wing foundation created, Open Borders groups mau-maued the MSM into lending them political legitimacy. Now the Open Borders lobby is playing a huge role in hastening the demise of the newspaper industry. The most wildly pro-Open Borders / Multiculturalism papers NYT, LA Times, Tribune Company, Newsday and Gannett Corp(Indianapolis Star, Detroit Free Press, Cincinnati Enquirer, Louisville Courier-Journal, Arizona Republic....) are the most rapidly in decline. Lonewacko, complains about the NYT and the LAT. You have no idea how delusional Gannett is. Relative to the political climate of Central Indiana, Paleo-Conservative Republic to Moderate Liberal Democrat, the Indianapolis Star is absolutely nuts. You would swear its editorial policy is dictated from Gannett Corp headquarters in the Wash DC suburbs with no clue to how it is being received in the Indianapolis market. I personally created a one month folder of the most over the top Pro-Open borders biased articles from the Indianapolis star along with my own comments. I gave them to my Dad to circulate amongst his Mall walking and social club retired friends, the overwhelming the majority are registered Democrats like myself. Our family members along with most of our acquaintances are either canceling the Star or cutting back on our subscriptions (Thursday and Sunday) only You want to break the back of the Open Borders movement very quickly I would suggest starting a movement for others to do the same.