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U.S. bows to United Nations Human Rights Council, ACLU helps (Arizona, SB1070) - 11/05/10

In Geneva today the United Nations Human Rights Council met to assess the U.S.'s record on human rights, or at least human rights as they see them. And, as previously discussed, the report from the U.S. government mentions Arizona's recent SB1070 immigration law. While I downplayed the significance of this in the earlier post, perhaps I should raise the alert level given that one of the groups involved in complaining to the U.N. about the U.S. is the American Civil Liberties Union; more on them below. From this: The United States is submitting its human rights record to the scrutiny of other...

Tides Foundation awards three advocates for illegal immigration; two links to the Mexican government - 09/01/09

The Tides Foundation has announced the recipients of their "Jane Bagley Lehman Awards for Excellence in Public Advocacy"; see the press release here. Each of the three winners will get $7500; one of them is linked to the Mexican government and another's organization allegedly has collaborated with that government:

Immigration Reform Advocates Receive JBL Awards From Tides - 09/01/09

Source: press release located here. See the first item in the history for the full text. SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 1 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Tides ( hasawarded a total of $22,500 to the 2009 recipients of the JBL Awards forExcellence in Public Advocacy. Tides' JBL Awards honor policy activists andadvocates by recognizing work that demonstrates innovative approaches tosocial change and a deep commitment to the public interest.

What Lawrence Downes/New York Times forgot to tell you, Part 2 (Phoenix furniture store protest) - 12/16/07

For the backstory, see "Lawrence Downes/New York Times misleads & smears, and all to support illegal activity". In recent news, a pro-illegal immigration protester was arrested after allegedly pushing Michelle Dallacroce from Mothers Against Illegal Aliens at yesterday's weekly protest in front of the store. And, the owner of the store has sent a letter to Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon (letter here). It includes, among other things, the following: * We have reason to be concerned that citizen taxpayer dollars committed to subsidize [Salvador Reza]'s various operations and activities may...