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Violent hate: protesters beat effigy of Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Isabel Garcia/Derechos Humanos) - 07/12/08

On Thursday a protest against Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio was held in front of a Tucson Barnes and Noble where he was holding a book signing. Arpaio is working with Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) to enforce immigration laws in his area, and, needless to say, those who support illegal immigration don't like that one bit. In front of the store, protesters savagely beat an effigy of Arpaio, severing it's head (video link). Then, Isabel Garcia of Derechos Humanos carried the severed head around (video link). Then, the protesters carried the body around (video link)....

No More Deaths, Derechos Humanos working with Mexican government - 07/12/06

The Arizona "humanitarian" organizations No More Deaths (run by Dr. Robin Hoover) and Derechos Humanos (run by Isabel Garcia) have signed an "agreement of hospitality" with the Mexican government that will let those groups assist potential illegal aliens inside Mexico.

More on Rep. Jim Kolbe and irony - 08/07/05

The post "Rep. Jim Kolbe, welcome to irony!" discussed how people suspected of being illegal aliens had broken into the cabin of that Congressman and advocate for massive illegal immigration. The AP follows up with an unbalanced report called "Break-ins by migrants seeking food, rest a fact of life on border". Bottom line: it's OK, they're just coming here to work and, well, if they have to break into a house or two along the way, well, I guess that's just a fact of wacky life on the border. The AP interviews two far-left, open borders organizations which are, naturally, misidentified:...