More on Rep. Jim Kolbe and irony

The post "Rep. Jim Kolbe, welcome to irony!" discussed how people suspected of being illegal aliens had broken into the cabin of that Congressman and advocate for massive illegal immigration.

The AP follows up with an unbalanced report called "Break-ins by migrants seeking food, rest a fact of life on border". Bottom line: it's OK, they're just coming here to work and, well, if they have to break into a house or two along the way, well, I guess that's just a fact of wacky life on the border.

The AP interviews two far-left, open borders organizations which are, naturally, misidentified:
Kat Rodriguez, coordinating organizer for the human rights group Derechos Humanos, said residents in southern Arizona have come to expect occasional stories of migrants who need food or a place to rest breaking into homes.

"It's frustrating for them and no one likes it, but they know it's desperation," Rodriguez said...

The Rev. Robin Hoover, president of the humanitarian group Humane Borders, said the burglary at the congressman's home was ironic but not unusual.

"Congressman Kolbe has very attentively tried to do things about the border and enforcement and now you have this big irony of someone breaking into his house," Hoover said...
Do tell. In fact, I hear that Kolbe is a co-sponsor of the Kennedy-McCain massive amnesty scheme. So, we know he's strong on enforcement and all.


Poetic justice strikes again, as it often does, sometimes with mild, other times with a hard and cruel irony, like the RFKennedy assasination by a moslem immigrant, while he was making bold for the presidency. When you appease aggression, you get more and more of it, and before long, the families of the high and mighty are made to feel it too.